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Je Suis Une Masse Complexe de Moi: I am a Complex Mass of Me

If asked to sum myself up in a word, I would gasp and sputter. Even a sentence is inadequate to define me. According to my best friend, I am a very complex, complicated person. On some days, I could agree with that statement, while on the other days, I would flat-out be in denial about it.

But for me, the complexity of a human being is beside the point. For me, a human being is to be celebrated, no matter what. May he be the possessor of a simple mind, or may he be of Einstein’s caliber, a human being is to be celebrated for who and what he is.

Suffice it to say that I would like me to be celebrated. And I do. I celebrate me daily by appreciating myself for my strengths, and forgiving myself for my weaknesses. Yes, I must admit that I self-flagellate, but I also make up for it by resolving to get up from the selfpityparty and move on.

I believe that life is a learning process. I believe that it’s a constant evolution of the self. I believe that to get through it, we must always keep a positive outlook. Not only that, we must also strive to be people who nurture each other. Negativity and ego have no place in a richly-lived life.

And yet we must balance our optimism with realism, too. But not to the point that we sap our own capacity for faith and hope by too much pessimism.

Oh, did I neglect to talk about myself? Well, the basics are: precocious kid goes to conquer nursery up to elementary, gets burned out and slacks off in high school, then realizes her folly and does much better in college, finally gets out of college, and is now ready to take the world by storm.

I like dreaming big, and will go through great lengths to get to my dreams. But when I do, I take care not to burn bridges. Even when I decide to sever business relationships, I take care not to let the other party feel enmity towards me. I go by the Latin, more capitalistic version of the Golden Rule: “quid pro quo”.

To sum me up in a word? Impossible. But let me give you this instead: I’m 60% Geek, and 40% Cartoon Character. :p

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