Lorie Therese Locara’s Resume and Portfolio

Lorie Therese Locara’s Resume


Current Jobs Held:

a.1 Professional Blogger, Gadzooki.com, Froodee.com, under SplashPressMedia, Ltd. (Since May, 2007)

a.2 “Ghost-blogger,” Zoeblogs.com, under BlogContentProvider.com (Since August 11, 2007)

a.3 Reviewer, SureFireWealth.com, (Since July, 2007)

a.4 Ghostwriter, 20DayPersuasion.com, Self-Improvement-Millionaires.com group of websites (Since February, 2007)

a.5 Freelance content provider
Employment History (no longer connected with the following):

a.6 Past Blog Projects:

GoogleTutor.com, PCExtreme.net (May – June, 2007)

FreeSoftwareRevew.net (August-September, 2007)

MyPopArt.com (From September 20-24, 2007 only)

Note: GoogleTutor.com and PCExtreme.net are under the same boss as the other SplashPressMedia Ltd. Blogs, but these were his side projects. FreeSoftwareReview.net and MyPopArt.com are both under BlogContentProvider.com, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to be relieved of these projects.

a.7 Marketing Lead, iConcept Marketing and Advertising, Inc. (June – July, 2007)

a.8 Research Writer, Ebio Online Research Services (September 2006 – January 2007)

a.9 Ghostwriter, Seriousscribbles.com (August 2006)

a.10 Customer Service Representative, ePLDT Ventus, Molo Iloilo City (April – May 2006)

a.12 Tutor for elementary students at Berean Center, 3rd floor Gaisano City Iloilo (January – March 2006)

a.13 Wrote a column for a local newspaper and also an underground rock/alternative culture fanzine (2000-2002)

b.1 Graduate, AB Psychology in Central Philippine University, March 25, 2007

b.2 Was enrolled in the University of the Philippines: in the Visayas Campus in the years 2001-2002; and also in the Los Baños Campus in the year 2003

b.3 Graduate, Philippine Science High School-Western Visayas Campus, in 2001

b.4 5th Honorable Mention, SPED-School for Exceptional Children; graduated March 1997


c.1 Volunteer Documenter, Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc.

c.2 Ghostwriter/webmaster, Ptr. Richard Escosar’s blog (http://richardescosar.blog-city.com)

c.3 Newsletter Ministry, Victory Christian Fellowship

c.4 Ushering Ministry, Victory Christian Fellowship

c.5 Clerk, Central Philippine University’s College of Arts and Sciences Student Council (I was paid a meager honorarium)

c.6 Associate Editor, Sci-Link, the school paper of Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus

c.7 Literary Editor, Theomachia, the yearbook of Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus’ Batch 2001

c.8 Editor-in-Chief, SPED-Star, the school paper of SPED-School for Exceptional Children


d.1 College:

– 2nd Place for two consecutive years in Central Philippine University’s University Day Reading Comprehension Contest (2005 and 2006)

– 4th on the Dean’s List in the 1st Semester of the Academic Year 2005-2006

– my composition won 2nd place in an oration contest in the University of the Philippines-Visayas Campus’ Foundation Day Celebration in 2001

d.2 High School:

– 1st Place, Inter-School Spelling Bee

– 1st Place, News Writing Competition, Regional Elementary and Secondary Schools’ Press Conference

– City Secretary, Rotary Club Boys and Girls Week

– Scriptwriter, soundtrack creator, and even actress for class and batch plays which got grades of 100%

– Stage Manager, Foundation Day Talent Night of Academic Year 2000-2001

d.3 Elementary:

– 2nd Place, both in the intra-school and the inter-school (District) Science Quiz Bee contests

– National Elementary Achievement Test Topnotcher in English and Science

– Chairman: National Children’s Forum on the Rights of Children


e.1 I am adept at using the personal computer. I am able to manipulate and navigate through most computer software without prior knowledge of them. I am especially good at working with MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Frontpage, NeoOffice, Open Office, text editors, etc. I tinker with Ubuntu Linux’s advanced functions in my spare time. Currently, I am using Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger and Ubuntu Linux. I have had a history of using Microsoft Operating Systems before. I use them only on others’ computers now.

e.2 I am articulate. I am very fluent in both written and spoken English. I speak Hiligaynon, Cebuano and Tagalog.

e.3 I have a typing speed of 54-55 words per minute. I can finish a double-spaced letter-sized page in approximately 11 minutes.


f.1 I am flexible. I am able to adapt to, work with and around difficult people and difficult situations.

f.2 I am persistent. I am willing to persevere at tough jobs and situations.

f.3 I am persuasive. When I believe in what I’m selling, I have the ability to convince people about the product.

f.4 I am assertive and self-possessed.

f.5 I am observant. I am gifted with a love for studying people and situations.

f.6 I am introspective and self-aware. I know my capacities and limits.

f.7 I am honest. I was raised with an awareness of the need to deal with everything in integrity.


g.1 Information Technology and computers, particularly the Internet, Operating Systems and Software

g.2 Social Sciences, particularly Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy

g.3 Medicine, particularly Psychiatry

g.4 Theology, particularly Christianity and Judaism

g.5 Literature, especially short stories

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