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DummyGeekGurl Hates Microsoft Operating Systems!


Ever since I started using Ubuntu Linux, I realized that the Open Source Community has broadened. Before, I always thought that Linux was so hard to work on. I thought that using Linux was like learning Swahili. But I was wrong.

When I started using Ubuntu, I realized that using another OS did not need to mean lobotomy after all. I had a fun time on my Ubuntu, and I absolutely loved everything, except for installing apps. Installing was painful, given the need for the terminal, but it was way easier than installing apps through command line on OS X Tiger. You see, Linux command-line installation for most apps is fully documented. But I think that since OS X rarely needs command-line installation, given it’s drag-and-drop system, command-line installation help sheets are very hard to find. At least, that was what I experienced.

There are moments when I think that Microsoft has existed to torture its users. Right now, I am having that moment. To be honest, my life is flashing before my eyes. My PC, which is on Windows XP, is currently on crash mode. For me, Windows is so bad, that it’s like radioactive material. It has a half-life, and the end result always is a system that leaves your jaw hanging and your skin white, for fear of losing all those years of data.

I know that there are some out there whose Windows installations are not as prone to meltdown as mine, but as far as I’ve heard, with quite a lot of my friends, they also experience crappy Microsoft moments, more often than not.

I hate Windows 98 so much too, because by the time it was crashing on me, it had scarred my hard drive with bad sectors so badly, that every bootup was total hell. But the funny thing is, when I converted that drive into an Ubuntu/Linux format, the bad sectors were nowhere to be found, according to the computer! In fact, even when I reformatted it for Windows XP, the computer still did not read bad sectors! What could have happened?

Either way, I have decided to leave Microsoft forever. I may use only Word 2000 and Encarta. But beyond that, why bother? There are so many other programs out there that are MS equivalents… Or better! So why put up with a headache induced by Microsoft’s crappy programming?! I would rather have a root canal. :p


VoIP Invades Gaming Consoles



The gaming industry is one of the most profitable niches in the market. With Microsoft releasing the Xbox, Nintendo releasing the Wii and Sony putting out Playstation 3, there is a race to take gaming to a new level.

While the old gaming consoles could only handle games like Super Mario, then moving on to being able to handle CD-based games, the gaming consoles of today now have hard drives capable of carrying Operating Systems.

Sony’s Playstation 3 has a 20GB and a 60GB version, and can even carry Linux OS’s, if the user wants it on his/her box. With this, one wonders, what else can the PS3 do?

Well, it can call people from all over the world, too.

With Jajah, a “web-activated telephony” service tailored to the PS3 browser, gamers can now do voice chat with each other using Jajah. They only need to go to the play.jajah.com URL to place a call. To use the service, “Users enter the number they wish to call, and the service then calls the phone nearest the user (that number must be pre-configured) and connects the two numbers via a VoIP line.” (PCMag.com)

VoIP is becoming so essential that even gaming consoles can use the service. Even Xbox has its own VoIP service through Xbox Live. Xbox Live is a multiplayer game and content delivery system for the Xbox. Through this, gamers can talk among themselves as they play. The service even has a “friends list” for the gamer to keep in touch with his teammates and opponents.

As for the Wii, it is not configured to do VoIP as the two other consoles are.

VoIP is the new frontier of communications, making the world ever smaller with innovations coming out faster than people outgrow their computers and gaming consoles. Truly, we are becoming one interconnected global community.

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